Rental Fees and Guidelines


Room Reservations

Reservations are scheduled by the Parks & Recreation Department, Monday – Friday; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  The Parks office is located in the Case Community Center.  Reservations may be made in person or, for an additional $2.00 convenience fee, over the phone (918-246-2561 ext. 1).

All room reservations require a $75.00 deposit (applied to your rental balance).  The $75.00 deposit is Non-Refundable, however, if there is an emergency or weather event, we will help you reschedule.

We provide tables and chairs with the rental.  We have both round (60”) and rectangular tables (8’).  Renter will pull them out and set them up.  When finished renter must clean them and staff will break down and put them away during the sanitation hour.

No decorations on the walls or ceilings.  All decorations must be free-standing.

The paid rental period includes the time it takes to setup, decorate, hold event, and clean the space.  

Cleanup includes cleaning tables & chairs, sweeping and mopping rented room (gym, aerobics room, conference rooms & kitchen) and   and taking trash to dumpster.  Case Community Center provides all cleaning supplies, trash bags, and brooms/mops.  A sanitation hour fee is equal to one hour of reservation time fee paid by the renter. This fee is mandatory for all reservations.  This hour is for staff to sanitize the space-including tables and chairs-after the renter has cleaned and exited the facility.  Staff will break down and put away any tables and chairs used during the event after sanitation is complete.

Alcohol is not permitted in the Community Center unless you rent the ENTIRE facility.  Please notify the Parks office if you intend to have alcohol at your event and we will provide an Alcohol Use Agreement for your signature.

All rates dependent upon availability of space and changes to operation of the Case Community Center.

Class Instructor Room Reservations

If you would like to become a class instructor at our facility, please contact the Parks & Recreation office for an instructor application form.  Once approved, if you choose to open your class to the public at no charge, there is no charge for the room rental.  If you charge for your class, your room rental charge will be based on the regular rental fee schedule.