Parking LotJust another busy day of hiking at the Keystone Ancient Forest!  This photo shows a crowded day recently where over 150 hikers enjoyed a day in the woods. It's not always like this, but come prepared to park creatively until we can expand the asphalt parking lot! Thank you for your patience and please work with the trail guides to ensure safety for everyone.


Just a 20 minute drive west of Tulsa, these trails offer a great way to recreate and envision the past! Trails are simple to navigate with markers showing easy to moderate ratings at this time. Hikers are advised to stay on the trails for your own safety, and to reduce visitor impact. Hiking is recommended for ages 4th grade and older! 

Click here for a trail map.

Childers Trail

The Childers Trail

Located just off the parking lot, this trail is approximately 0.6 miles in length, 5' in width and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The trail's surface is smooth asphalt and is ADA accessible. Grade inclines are very gentle. This is our easiest rated trail to hike.

Frank Trail

Spurring off of the Childers' Trail, the Frank Trail is approximately 2.8 miles round-trip and takes about an hour to hike. The trail surface is compacted stone and bare soil. This is a moderately difficult-rated trail. There is a set of "switchbacks" located about 400 yards into the trail that present some steeper inclines.

The trail leads to a grand view of the Arkansas River basin where famed American author Washington Irving passed by in October of 1832. Much of his account can be found in his book "A Tour on the Prairies". You might remember this author who gave us "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle".

Irving passed by the forest along with about 100 army scouts more than 180 years ago to learn about the magnificent way of life of the plains tribes, and to marvel at Oklahoma's astounding natural beauty!

Falls Trail

The Falls trail is a rugged hike that crosses two intermittent water falls.  Rated difficult with rocky paths, steep climbs, and crossing  potential wet areas. The 3.5 miles offers a great perceptive of the Old Growth Forest and is a true hikers journey. 

Falls WaterfallFalls Rock BluffFalls Waterfall Looking South

Trail MapWilson Trail

Our first difficult rated trail is now open for hiking, and will receive on-going trail improvements.  Hikers should hike at their own risk, and may encounter 

steep slopes, poor footing, native wildlife and potentially deadly-drop offs.  Please use caution.

Less Traveled Trail

The Less Traveled Trail is a moderate trail 4 miles in length.  Total trip from the visitor center is 5 miles.  The trail is a trip along the eastern border of the property to a creek crossing at mile 2. Hikers will enjoy a moderate hike up from the creek to more of a grassland on the top of the property. During the right time of the year Blackberries may be in season. 

Less Traveled Black BerriesLess Traveled Creek Crossing