Code of Ordinances

The City of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Code of Ordinances is a codification of the general and permanent ordinances of Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The ordinances were compiled, edited and indexed by the City of Sand Springs under the direction of the City Clerk’s office. This volume covers ordinances through Ordinance No. 1344, passed October 9th, 2019. For recently adopted ordinances not included in this codification, please contact the City Clerk's office at 918-246-2500 x 2503.



Title 1 General Provisions

Title 2 Administration and Personnel

Title 3 Revenue and Finance

Title 4 (Reserved)

Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations

Title 6 Animals

Title 7 (Reserved)

Title 8 Health and Safety

Title 9 Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic

Title 11 (Reserved)

Title 12 Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Places

Title 13 Public Services

Title 14 (Reserved)

Title 15 Buildings and Construction

Title 16 Subdivisions

Title 17 Zoning

Charter and Code Book with Index