Track-Chair Program

The Keystone Ancient Forest Trackchair programs mission is simple:  providing access to ALL!  

The KAF is the first free public use program in the state of Oklahoma to offer motorized Trackchairs for anyone with mobility limitations.  Amid the old growth Crosstimbers, patrons can experience views of Lake Keystone and learn about the rich history of this diverse landscape via the Childers Trail, Fire Road, and Frank Trail. 

If you require special accommodation for transfer into the Trackchair, you must bring a friend or caregiver with the ability to assist you in the transfer process.  

Due to the inherent risk posed by the Trackchair itself, operators are not permitted to possess their pet or service animal while operating the Trackchair.  It is not recommended, however if the pet or service animal must accompany you on the trail, it will be required that the animal be kept under the control of an accompanying friend or caregiver.  Preserve regulations require the use of a 6 foot leash for all pets.

Reservations for Trackchair use may be made by following the link below.  Once you provide the information asked via the link, a staff representative will be in contact with you regarding availability.

kaf track chair

Track Chair Program Request Form

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