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Municipal Court

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1. Where do I go to take my Court ordered drug screen?
2. I was ordered to take a shoplifting class. What is the phone number?
3. I was cited for no insurance. I do have insurance; it was valid at the time I was cited. I just did not have it in my vehicle. What do I do?
4. I have received a letter from a collection agency for old tickets I never paid in Sand Springs, how do I resolve this?
5. My license is suspended because of an unpaid citation from the City of Sand Springs. I have resolved this. How do I reinstate my license?
6. How do I get married at the Court house in Sand Springs?
7. What is the difference between entering a plea of guilty or no contest to a charge I have?
8. Do I need an attorney with me when I come to court?
9. Who do I call for a drug/alcohol assessment I was ordered to?
10. Who do I call for classes I was ordered to for a DUI?
11. How do I find out my court date?