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Street Department
During FY 2012, the Streets/Drainage Division had nine full-time employees: two laborers, two drivers, three equipment operators, one foreman, and one superintendent. This Division completed numerous projects while maintaining approximately 170 lane-miles of roadway. Special mixes of “cold-lay” asphalt, “hot” asphalt, and “crusher run” base were used in various street repairs. In an effort to maintain the roadways in a safe condition, base material was placed in failed areas to stabilize the roadway and approximately 177 tons of hot asphalt, 6 tons of cold lay asphalt, 20 gallons of tack oil, 53 cubic yards of concrete, and 50 tons of crusher run were put down to repair potholes, as well as locations where water and sewer lines had been excavated. Repairs were also made to correct concrete streets, curbs, and gutters along the City’s rights-of-way.

Streets/Drainage crews were able to provide traffic control while Tulsa County crews performed asphalt overlays on many of our streets in the late summer and early fall season.

During the year we experienced one minor snow storm. The truck-mounted snowplows were placed in service, in accordance with the Division’s Snow Removal Policy, to clear the 102 lane-mile snowplow route that covers arterial and collector streets in the community. Approximately 50 tons of sand was placed on city streets using 64 regular man-hours and 16 overtime man-hours. Once the snow had quickly melted, the City’s street sweepers were used to remove accumulations of sand as quickly as possible.

The City has two street sweepers that are operated by Streets Division personnel, a 2001 Elgin Eagle and a 2006 Elgin Pelican. Typically the Pelican is used on the north side of the river due to its higher maneuverability, and the Eagle works the south side of the river with its ability to travel at highway speeds.

Weekly sweeper scheduling covers Hwy 97 from Hwy 51 to Morrow Road and the Central Business District. Due to work force shortage, all other streets have been swept on an as needed basis or upon a specific request. All curbed streets were swept two to three times during the fall for leaf removal.

The Division’s sign crew made and/or installed warning and directional signs and replaced damaged or substandard signposts. Signs were also adjusted to proper height and straightened as needed. The crew also responded to traffic signal emergency calls for service. The sign crew also conducted area street light inspections on a 90-day cycle.

Mowing of the City’s rights-of-ways, trails, parks, building lawns, warning siren sites, airport, SRWCS pump station, and city-owned lots was outsourced in FY2011 to the low-bidder, Lot Maintenance. Public Works administers the entire mowing contract on behalf of the City. Lot Maintenance and the City agreed to a contract extension in FY12 and Lot Maintenance continued to mow and string-trim these areas.

The Division’s personnel also maintained litter cleanup in various areas of Sand Springs. They were responsible for the Recycling Depot, parkways in the Central Business District, the Public Works Building, and 45 residential lots owned by the City. This crew also performed maintenance on the many trees associated with the “Up-With-Trees” sites and the downtown trees.

The staff also removed dead, damaged, or nuisance trees from City’s rights-of-way. City crews worked to trim trees and remove dead limbs to alleviate potential hazards to the driving public.

In recent years, it has been beneficial to use available “outside” sources to provide a labor pool for the performance of some of the previously described tasks. In FY12, the City began participating in the CEO Program and currently shares a 7-man crew with the City of Jenks at a minimal cost to the City. These workers collect litter along the community’s roadways and accomplish various tasks for both the Streets/Drainage Department and the Parks Department.