Human Resources & Employment

Thank you for your interest in public service for the City of Sand Springs. An application is required for each open position. Partially completed applications or resumes may not be considered. Department Heads and/or Supervisors will review applications and interview applicants determined to best meet the needs of the City, the department, and the essential job functions of the position. Should your application be selected, you will be contacted by Human Resources to arrange an interview. Applications must be completed online.

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The following are examples, and not inclusive, of reasons an application may be disqualified for consideration for employment: 

  • Applicant does not possess the minimum qualifications for the position.
  • Applicant has an unsatisfactory employment record or personnel record as evidenced by information contained on the application form or by the results of a reference and / or background check.
  • Applicant has made false statements on any material facts or practiced deception on the application.
  • Applicant is not within the legal age limits as prescribed by law.
  • Applicant is applying for a position not posted or has failed to complete the application as instructed.

Employment Verification Requests require the employee's complete social security number and date of birth.

Please email Lender Requests to payroll for a complete wage history.

Please call 918-246-2506 for Confirmation of Employment. Per City policy, only employment date and position are provided.

Please allow 48 Business Hours for the processing of financial information requests.