Sand Springs Skate Park

Skate ParkThe skate park is located in the retention pond just south of the Case Community Center.

Sand Springs Skate Park distinct elements: 
  • a 7,000 square foot custom concrete park
  • over 24 skating features and drop-ins from ground level to over 7 ½ feet.
  • obstacles and avenues for skaters of varying abilities
  • custom colored concrete surface
  • ramps, stairs, grinding rails, ¼ pipes, gaps, banks, hips, bridges, hubba ledges
  • multiple artistic skating features protruding the flatwork
Park Rules:
       •  Enter at your own risk
       •  Safety gear is strongly recommended
       •  No outside ramps, boxes, rails, etc.
       •  No spectators inside the park
       •  No profanity or horseplay
       •  No food, drink, tobacco, trash inside the park
       •  Park is open from dawn until dusk - NO nighttime use
       •  Skateboards, inline skates and bicycle equipment use only
       •  No contests of any kind without Parks Department pre-approval
       •  Equipment used must not damage the park and must pass park staff approval
       •  Tagging, graffiti, stickers or other means of damaging the park will result in closure of facility
       •  No pets

Park Tips:

  • Do NOT ride if the surface is wet
  • Take turns; work together as a group
  • Watch for loose objects on the surface
  • Know your abilities; look around you; keep alert to others
  • Restrooms and water are inside the Case Community Center

The park was built for you to enjoy! 
Along with our video surveillance, please help us watch over its use.