Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The City of Sand Springs has the protection of our citizens as a top priority. To coordinate public safety efforts during a disaster whether natural or man-made, our Emergency Management staff stand ready. Our staff also coordinate with the State office of Emergency Management as well as FEMA in times of recovery. This makes sure that our residents and business receive all of the available assistance in recovering from a disaster that is available.  We have direct contact with the National Weather Service which makes getting the latest and most accurate weather information possible.

The part of our duties most noticed by the public are our storm warning system.  This system is comprised of warning sirens and the emergency telephone notification system. Both systems are a safe guard to make sure that our public is made aware of potential threats to the safety of this community.

We have made available a form to register your storm shelter with the Sand Springs Emergency management office.  This registry will allow us to be aware of your shelter if your residence was ever involved with a tornado.  The City of Sand Springs does not have public shelters.  It is imperative that all citizens to have an action plan for their location at home or work in the event of a tornado.  For other tips on how to be safe, please go to one of the quick links located on the right side of this page.

Click on the link more information on Sand Springs Storm Sirens.

Residents of the Meadow valley Subdivision also should be aware of the possibility of flooding in the neighborhood.  To see a handout describing the procedures you should know about this problem, see this Handout.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE**  The City of Sand Springs has developed an action plan in case the levee in or near Sand Springs should breach.  Please read it here.