Alert Neighbors / Neighborhood Watch

SSPD NHWThe Sand Springs Police Department has a core philosophy of community policing. There is no other single effort that can best symbolize this philosophy than the Alert Neighbor / Neighborhood Watch programs. Our officers will assist any neighborhood or group which seeks to start a program as we see the value in our partnerships with the community.

A program by any name (Alert Neighbor, Neighborhood Watch, Neighbors Against Crime, HOA's etc.) all share a common goal and use similar techniques to reduce crime in their area. Assembling a group of people who live or work in close proximity is the first step toward a safer community. This group should then seek to develop relationships, get to know each other, share information, communicate with the local police department and look out for each other. This type of group can also address non-crime related issues such as working together to identify ways they can work with other city departments such as public works, parks and the fire department to make quality of life better in their community.

A group effort like this should not be a vehicle for those who wish to be a vigilante or "play cop". The best way a citizen can help the police is to, "Observe, Record and Report". Our citizens are the officers eyes and ears before they arrive, and it is this relationship that builds success in dealing with crime in our community.

Our community has several very successful and long standing programs. If you would like more information on these groups, or would like to start your own group, please fill out the Contact Form. You may also call Deputy Police Chief Todd Enzbrenner at (918)-246-2533 if you have questions about this program.

Thank you for seeking to make our community an even better place!