Reducing Storm Water Pollution At Home


As a resident there are countless ways you can contribute to improving the water quality of Sand Springs creeks and streams. Here are some simple solutions to some of the biggest offenders of pollution.

  • Do not blow grass clippings into the street. Plan to have your mower's discharge chute facing back towards your lawn.
  • Use a mulching mower or mulch or bag grass and leaves instead of blowing them into the street. The City will take up to 8 bags outside of your polykart. For more information, see our Trash Service page.
  • Apply fertilizers and pesticides properly. Read labels to determine how much to use and when to apply.
  • Pick up litter (including pet waste) around your home or business so it doesn’t pollute the water or clog sewer pipes.
  • Maintain vehicles to prevent fluid leaks.
  • If you see a blocked drain or see anything other than Stormwater entering a drain or local water way, please call (918) 246-2589
For more in-depth information about pollution reduction, please visit the Educational Materials page.