Winter Weather Procedures

Information about the Snow Plow Route can be found here.

The city ordinance regarding Snow and Ice Parking Regulations can be found here here, or below.

Snow and Ice Emergency Parking Regulations

  • A snow and ice emergency shall be defined as an event wherein there is such an accumulation of ice and/or snow that the streets and roads of the City require the use of snow and ice removal equipment, as declared by the City Manager or his designee.
  • A snow route parking ban is hereby declared to be in effect during those times as declared by the City Manager or his designee following the accumulation of snow or ice to the extent the roads and streets are deemed dangerous. 
  • To facilitate the removal of snow and to assure the regular flow of traffic during and after snow and ice events, the streets and public thoroughfares designated by the City Engineer as a snow route, shall be recognized as the office snow routes for the City. 
  • When a snow and ice emergency has been declared, it shall be unlawful for a person to stop, park or leave unattended any motor vehicle upon a snow route, as designated herein, during times of any snow route parking ban as defined herein.
  • The following parking restrictions shall apply during snow emergencies:
    1. On all snow routes, parking is prohibited during the snow and ice emergency.
    2. On all other streets within the City limits that allow parking on both sides of the street, when a snow or ice emergency has been declared as defined herein, parking is hereby prohibited on the side of the street with odd numbered house addresses, unless otherwise already prohibited by other parking restrictions or signage.
  • Whenever a motor vehicle has been stopped, parked or left unattended in violation of either the snow and ice route parking ban or the snow and ice emergency parking regulations, said vehicle is hereby declared to be a traffic and public safety hazard and the Chief of Police may order said motor vehicle removed.
  • No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow upon any street or road of the City, upon any public sidewalk, or upon any private property so as to obstruct a clear view at the intersection of traveled roadways.