Special Event Banners

The City of Sand Springs allows temporary banners, which comply with the City’s established criteria on the City-owned fence at Highway 97 and Morrow Road. The criteria are as follows:  

The placement of banners shall be on a first  come, first serve basis with preference as follows: 

  1. Events sponsored or co-sponsored by the City or Sand Springs or any of its organizations.
  2. Non-profit events within Sand Springs, which are free to the public.
  3. Free community events taking place within Sand Springs sponsored by a non-profit organization.
  4. Non-profit events that charge a fee for participation taking place within Sand Springs.
  5. Free community events sponsored by other than a non-profit taking place in Sand Springs. 
  6. Events taking place outside of the City of Sand Springs are considered last. 

Banner Installation

  • Only one banner per event or activity. 
  • Applicants may place one banner facing Highway 97 or Morrow Road, not both simultaneously. 
  • You may not move someone else’s banner in order to locate your banner in a more desirable location.
  • Banners may be placed for up to fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the event and should be removed within 48 hours after an event has ended. 
  • If the banner is not removed within 48 hours, the Water Department will remove the banner and store it for seven (7) days. 
  • Banners not retrieved within seven (7) days will be discarded.

Banner Size

  • Banner sign area is limited to a maximum of twenty (20) square feet, with a height limitation of four (4) feet. 
  • The banner must be constructed of some type of waterproof material such as vinyl, plastic or canvas. 
  • Grommets must be included at each corner to allow for installation. 
  • Banner should be posted securely.

Other Restrictions

  • Banners may be subject to removal and/or cancellation (at no expense to the City) for maintenance or repair work or for public safety reasons. 
  • No commercial advertising construed to advertise, promote the sale of, or publicize any merchandise or commodity will be allowed except a commercial entity’s name and/or logo shall be allowed in cases where a sponsoring entity’s name and/or logo is part of the name of the event.
  • Political advertising and/or announcements used to promote political candidates, parties or issues on or located in the public right-of-way on public property (even by a non-profit organization) is prohibited and shall not be permitted.

Application Process

  • The applicant must submit a request in writing to the City of Sand Springs Marketing Department at a minimum of 7 days prior to the date you wish to hang a banner. 
  • The request should include the following: 
Event name
Event date
Description of the event 
Confirmation that the event meets the eligibility requirements listed above

The City of Sand Springs is not responsible for damage or loss caused by inclement weather or normal wear and tear. 

For more information, contact Cynthia Webster at 918-246-2500 x 2573 or cawebst@sandspringsok.org.