Special Needs Alert & Identification Program (S.A.ID.)

The S.A.ID. (Special Needs Alerts and Identification) Program provides local First Responders with the resources to identify and assist individuals with special needs who find themselves in an emergency situation.

This program allows parents, guardians or caregivers the opportunity to complete a simple information form that gives the Sand Springs Police Department permission to create a specialized alert in our Records Management System (RMS). The S.A.ID. alert defines the individual’s condition and/or needs prior to arriving to an incident to improve the response, interaction, and communication with the individual.

Please fill out the S.A.ID. Participation Form here and email it to said@sandspringsok.org.

Who should participate?

Individuals with a physical or mental impairment including those with an increased risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions that require specialized assistance to best serve their needs and provide for increased safety for the individual and First Responders.

What happens after I submit my participation form?

Once a parent, guardian or caregiver submits the participation form the information will be entered into the SSPD RMS database. Two alerts will be created.

1. Personal Alert: This alert is tied to the name and date of birth of the individual. It will never expire.

2. Location Alert: This alert is tied to an address. It will be good for one year. You must update the location alert on an annual basis or when an individual moves to a new residence.

Once in the database, the alerts will automatically provide key information to Sand Springs Police and Fire Departments responding to a call via their in-car technology. The information included in the alert allows for extra steps to assist the individual based on the individual’s needs.

How will the information, contained in the Alert, be used?

Enrollment in the S.A.ID. Program will establish two alerts, one based on the individual’s name and date of birth and a second based on the individual’s home address.

The alert will be created with the information you include on the S.A.ID. Program Registration Form. All information will be entered into the SSPD RMS database. When an officer is dispatched to a call for service, the database will notify the officers of any S.A.ID. alerts attached to the location of the incident or an individual known to be involved in the incident.

It is important to note that the S.A.ID. alert is not a label but only an additional resource to assist Sand Springs Police and Fire Departments personnel with providing the best possible response to the incident.An acknowledgement to Norman's Police Department

For more information on SSPD's S.A.ID. program please read our brochure and documentation. If you have any other questions please email said@sandspringsok.org.  

The information in the S.A.ID. alert is NOT a public record.