What will be collected by the trash service?

Only normal-household refuse in the polykart or trash bags will be collected by the Solid Waste Department. Please bag your garbage and trash in any size bags and tie them before placing in the polykart. If loose trash falls out while being emptied, the Crew cannot slow up their route to pick up all the loose trash that should have been bagged. If you have more refuse than your polykart will easily hold, put it in trash bags, tie, and set them on top of or beside your kart. Do NOT warp the lid by over cramming too many bags inside, causing the lid to not close. This will cause damage to the lid of the polykart. You are allowed up to eight (8) bags or limb bundles around your kart. You can fill the bags with leaves, grass clippings, household trash, old clothes, papers, etc., to be removed on collection day. Do NOT fill your kart with loose debris, such as sawdust or kitty litter, as they will cause harm to an employee. Do NOT fill your kart or bags with rocks, dirt, bricks, sand, concrete or other heavy materials because it cannot be hydraulically lifted by the truck without causing it to break apart. Private trash cans are not allowed and will not be emptied – only extra bags or items are allowed around your kart. If you have a private trash can that needs to be thrown away, put a sign on it that tells the Solid Waste Crew that the container itself and what’s inside is trash to be thrown away.

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